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The founders of the Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy present the International Mermaid Swimming Instructors Association (IMSIA). IMSIA an association dedicated to spreading the love and joy of “mermaiding” all over the world through the most innovative education system in the mermaid industry.

IMSIA’s training methods are designed for highly motivated individuals who are looking to enhance their creativity and personal expression, to be well-informed, confident, responsible, safe and for those looking to further enhance their aquatic skills, transforming them into world class mermaid swimming instructors.

We offer certification programs that provide reputable establishments the security and confidence in having IMSIA-certified mermaid swimming instructors.

This site is dedicated to mermaid students, mermaid-swimming instructors and to those who want to open mermaid schools in their community.

Let’s go “mermaiding”!


Learn To Swim Like a Mermaid


Intro to Mermaid Swimming
(IMSIA Levels 1 & 2)

Welcome to the world of Mermaiding! During this 90-minute session, learn how to transform yourself into a Mermaid. Familiarize yourself with the Mermaid tail, enjoy a photo opportunity and learn basic Mermaid strokes in shallow water.


Advanced Mermaiding Course
(IMSIA Level 3)

Take Mermaiding to the next level! Advanced Mermaiding is a three-hour course, where you’ll learn specialized breathing and equalizing techniques, rescue exercises, and various underwater mermaid tricks. You’ll also gain an understanding of the underwater world and much more.


Performer Course
(IMSIA Level 4)

Now you’re feeling completely confident as a Mermaid, show off your Mermaiding skills and perform glamorous, synchronized underwater moves, using weight belts, compressed air or freediving techniques. This course should be taken over five days, for a maximum of four hours per day.


Mermaid Swimming Instructor Training Course

Do you fancy a career change? Or want to add something a little unique to your resume? Become a Mermaid Instructor with the International Mermaid Swimming Instructors Association! Courses are available on Boracay Island or in Munich, Germany, and will equip you with the skills required to teach Mermaiding in a safe and fun way. This course should be taken over five days, for a maximum of four hours per day.

Specialty courses


Scuba Mermaid

Already a certified Open Water Diver? Here’s diving with a twist! Just add your Mermaid tail and experience life underwater as a real Mermaid. A 3.5-4hr course. Advance bookings only.

Non-certification Courses


Mermaid Photo Ops

If Mermaid swimming isn’t your cup of tea, then we offer a 30-minute tail rental where you will be assisted and led through a series of Mermaid poses by our Mermaid instructors. Bring your own personal photographer along or hand over your camera to your instructor – it’s up to you!


Mermaid Makeover

We arrange for a professional make-up artist and photographer to transform you into the Mermaid of your dreams!


Exercitation ullamco laboris

This association will enable more mermaid schools to open across the globe and create a career path for certified instructors.